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What would you do? Empty What would you do?

Post by EdSurly on Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:38 pm

Yesterday afternoon I logged in to rust as a new naked newman.  Did a little running around and decided to go for the peninsula area on the lake in the middle of the map.  Was coming from the SW so I decided I'd take a look at the cave the map says is there.  Never did see a cave but I did see what at first sight I thought was a procedurally generated castle complex with outer walls and the whole nine yards.  Didn't take me long to realize it was a player built structure, I hopped the wall to the south, easy to do coming off the mountain and took a look around.  Lots of water catchers, drank till I was full.  Crawled on top of what I now know is a "quarry" digging machine.  Then I decided to check out the wooden house with the cupolla looking room on top.  Jumped up on the porch and started stabbing at the window to the left of the front door with my wooden spear.  To my supprise the spear was taking 2 HP's from the wooden window...only 125 HP's so I'm figuring Im going to get a nice haul.  

Well, when the window finally came down I saw that I couldn't jump through the window.  So out came the spear again to bring down the wall...still 2 hp's a stab.  Purchased a hatchet and that took 3-5 HP's per hit I had to replace it a little over half way through but before you know it the wall came down.  Found the cupboard and rebuilt the wall and window.  I was going to be a while looting and selling items :-)  I took everything that I could...which admitidly wasnt much..a tommy gun, clothes, wood, metal and stone.  I did fill my inventory.  Sold what I didnt want, covered my naked body with the rest and made my way up higher to the cupolla looking room on top.  Had a steel door with a digital lock...but even with build rights I couldn't remove the door?  Since when does build rights NOT give you the right to tear down walls and such?  Was it like that when I was last playing and I didnt remember?  Anyway I tried to stab my way in with another spear, no good...the hatchet only took off 1 point every 3rd or 4th blow but the wall looked to be made out of the same wood as the bottom one?  About this time I hear someone on the ground running around.

I try to hide and work my way around, and see another newman sleeping inside the top room I'm trying to break into, so I build a ladder and try to hatchet my way in from the roof.  Again it would take a month of sundays to get in that way.  About this time the other guy on the ground starts shooting at me.  I try and talk to him in chat and through voice but no reply.  I assume he's robbing the place like me, otherwise he would come up and kill me.  I had a tommy gun but no ammo.  My only weapon was a hatchet with about 5 hit points left lol....I may have had a hunting bow...dont remember.  Anyway I figure its time to bug out but I realize I wouldn't be able to GET out.  No way to jump the wall from the inside and the walls are all stone.  I have no cloth to make another ladder and I can't grab the ladder I made.  So I just fiddle-fart around till the wife and kids came home and I just left the game where it was....me inside the upper floor porch.  I came back an hour or so later and was dead.  I figured I would be, no biggie....right?  Dont even have a storage box much less a house.

Well, to make a long story longer......I log in today.  Around 4pm and start gathering supplies for a house.  Much to my surprise I see a dude named [VaMCC]Charhell with an avatar that looks very familiar.  As in I lay with that woman every night!  His avatar was MY WIFE!  WTF!!??  My face becomes flush, a cold sweat comes over me...what the hell!??  I click the avatar and sure enough, its my wifes facebook profile picture.  And written in the picture is my home town.  Holy shit, who the hell is this??  Back in game I ask him who that chick is in your avatar?  He sais "my girlfriend and she's a (he then says my occupation).  Holy shit, he knows what I do, and who my wife is....I try to freind him through steam.  Maybe he's a RL freind of mine yanking my chain.  He says in game "Ed, I'm not going to freind you"  So I say; "Well, I figure we should be freinds seeing as how you have MY WIFE AS YOUR AVATAR PICTURE!"  He then starts telling me about my HELOC loan....when my house was built....WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK!!!  

I have 7 screen shots, I have contacted Steam and now my wife is going to have to tell her employer.  (She has a sensitive position dealing with the DoD)  It's going to be a pain in our asses.  I've been changing passwords, avatars....my wife just about freaked out.  She hit the friggen ceiling.  Changed her FB password, made sure all our family pictures were hidden from non-freinds.  Helll, I even sent an e-mail to Life-Lock saying I may have been compromised.  How the hell did he find out so much about me?   He claimed "Google"  Google?  He Googled my username and found out my home town, house age AND my HELOC?  Bullshit.  This motherfucker needs to be banned from NWO ASAP.  And I am doing my damndable best to get Steam to dump this little fuck-tard hacker.

So....What would YOU do?

b.t.w.  He claimed I "flew" all over his castle and spawned C4 dropping it like bombs.  Yea, right.  It's a fucking video game.  I didn't hack, It happened EXACTLY like I laid out above.  It's a VIDEO GAME!  This ass hole if FUCKING WITH MY LIFE!

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